Project Coordinator and Director

Malik Perris

Management Board

AoE Coordinator: JSM Peiris

Group leaders: Y Guan, YL Lau, N Ip, GM Leung, KY Yuen, PK Chan, HL Chen, LM Poon

External member: W Lim (Centre for Health Protection)

Scientific Advisory Board

Sir Roy Anderson, Peter C Doherty, Siamon Gordon, Edward C Holmes, Ab. DME Osterhaus and Sir John Skehel

AoE Themes

Theme 1. Ecology, evolution and inter-species transmission of influenza viruses

Leader: Yi Guan

Investigators: Gavin JD Smith, Honglin Chen, Malik Peiris

Theme 2: Pathogenesis, Host responses and innate immunity

Leaders: JSM Peiris, YL Lau, NY Ip

Investigators: H Chen, Y Guan, ASY Lau, S Lok, B Nal-Rogier, JM Nicholls, HB Peng, LLM Poon, SW Tsao, W Tu, TM Wong, KY Yuen

Theme 3: Epidemiology, field studies and modeling of human and animal influenza

Leader: GM Leung

Investigators: SSS Chiu, BJ Cowling, Y Guan, JSM Peiris, S Riley, CM Wong, TW Wong, JT Wu

Theme 4: Clinical studies, diagnostics and therapeutics

Leaders: KY Yuen, PK Chan

Investigators: H Chen, CM Chu, SSS Chiu, Y Guan, H Hui, RYT Kao, NY Ip, ASY Lau, YL Lau, B Nal-Rogier, LLM Poon, JSM Peiris, W Tu

Collaborators: HC Lee, CM Che, J Karlberg, PM Vanhoutte.

Theme 5: Antiviral immunity and vaccine development for control of human and animal infection

Leaders: H Chen, LLM Poon

Investigators: BJ Zheng, KY Yuen, JD Huang, Y Guan, YL Lau, W Tu

Names and Academic Affiliations of Research Collaborators

Research Collaborators: Hong Kong & mainland China

R Bruzzone, CEO, HKU-Pasteur Research Centre Coordinator, RESPARI Network of Pasteur labs in Asia
KH Chan, Microbiology, Queen Mary HospitalLaboratory diagnosis of influenza
CM Che, Dept of Chemistry, HKU and Institute of Molecular Technology for Drug Medicinal chemistry and drug discovery
Discovery and Synthesis 
X Che, Nanfong University of GuangzhouDevelopment of rapid diagnostic tests for influenza
CM Chu, United Christian Hospital, Hospital AuthorityRespiratory Medicine
KC Dyrting, Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries & ConservationAnimal influenza surveillance within Hong Kong
J Karlberg, Director, Clinical Trials Centre, HKU Clinical trials
Co Jian, Guangdong No 12 HospitalMulti-centre study on influenza epidemiology
KS Li, Dept of Microbiology, Shantou UniversityKey collaborator on influenza surveillance, Shantou
Yuan Qian, Laboratory of Virology, Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Beijing.Collaborating on multi-centre study on influenza epidemiology
PM Vanhoutte, Biopharmaceutical Development Centre, HKUDownstream pharmaceutical development (Previously Director of Discovery Research, Servier)
Ricky NS Wong, Department of Applied Biology, Hong Kong Baptist UniversityEffects of traditional Chinese herbs on cell biology and cell signaling
Y Wang, Director, Chinese Centre for Disease Control Influenza epidemiology
Jian-ping Zhuo, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of ScienceSmall-molecule library of the SIMM for influenza drug screening.

Research Collaborators: International

S Akira, Osaka UniversityInnate immunity, Sensing receptors, cell signaling
Ann Arvin, Stanford UniversityRag2-/- / Il2rg-/- “humanized” mice
AJ Leigh Brown, University of EdinburghViral genomics of human H5N1 influenza infections
John Edwards, Murdoch University, AustraliaVeterinary epidemiology and surveillance
ATS Estoepangestie, Airlangga University, IndonesiaAvian influenza surveillance
NM Ferguson, Imperial College, LondonMathematical modeling of infectious diseases
J Farrar, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Ho Chi Minh City and University of Oxford.Clinical and laboratory aspects of human H5N1 disease. Coordinator of a multicentre NIAID study on human H5N1
J Goudsmit, Chief Scientific Officer, CrucellAdvise on the Science-Industry interface
Alan Hay, WHO Influenza Collaborating Centre, LondonGlobal collaboration on influenza evolution , antigenic change, influenza vaccine strain selection
Stuart Haslam, Imperial College, LondonGlycobiology
M von Itzstein, Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University, QueenslandGlycobiology (discoverer of the Flu-neuraminidase inhibitor Relenza)
Anne Kelso, Director, WHO Influenza Collaborating Centre, MelbourneGlobal collaboration on influenza evolution , antigenic change, influenza vaccine strain selection
M Lipsitch, Harvard School of Public HealthMathematical modeling; a PI on the NIH MIDAS project
S Ma, Ministry of Health, SingaporeMulti-centre study on influenza epidemiology
RJ Mason, National & Jewish Medical Research Center, DenverPrimary human type 1 / type 2 lung epithelial cell cultures in-vitro
Prof RS Morris, Massey University, New-ZealandVeterinary epidemiology
TSP Naipospos, CIVAS, JakartaAvian influenza surveillance
ND Nguyen, National Institute of Veterinary Research, Hanoi, VietnamAvian influenza surveillance
A Rambaut, University of EdinburghEvolution and population dynamics of influenza viruses
K Takahashi, Harvard Medical SchoolProvide MBL-knockout mice
Dr M Uiprasertkul, Mahidol University, ThailandPathology of human H5N1 disease
Dr RG Webster, WHO Influenza Collaborating Center, MemphisKey collaborative partner on past research activities and on current NIAID “Centers of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance” research contract (2007-2013)
Xiaowei Zhuang, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, HarvardSingle virus particle tracking experiments in cells